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Here is a bit of video I took while in Edinburgh a few weeks ago. I went and saw a couple bands perform and they were really good! Here is the evidence!

More to come on Edinburgh at a later date!


Seasons of Change

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to post a quick hello and to tell you that I am alive and well. Scotland was beautiful and a wonderful trip. I hope to have a post up about it by the weekend, but no promises. School is beginning to get quite heavy with essays and presentations so I am currently swamped with those and I don’t really see any dry land until after my birthday.

The purpose of this post, however, is to show the colors of fall. Today has been a very rainy day that never left the low forties, so I believe fall has finally passed and we are beginning to see the first vestiges of winter. The leaves are gone or almost so and heavy coats are all the rage with people rushing to and from class to escape the cold weather. On this day, I think it is a perfect time to pay respects to the beautiful fall that I have experienced. The colors here are varied and more beautiful than I could have imagined. I sometimes stand in shock at the different colors. Not only are browns and yellows hanging from trees like at home, but I can also see purples, deep reds and bright oranges falling slowly to the earth. I feel like I am experiencing a true fall for the first time, one that lingers and one that I can see the slow changes from green to yellow to brown. In Texas, fall comes and goes so quickly that if you don’t pay attention, you will miss it. Here, I have a little more time to enjoy the beauty.



The path next to my hall



Blends of Purple



The tree outside my window.



Campus and Beyond


More pictures will be on my flikr and I have put up my pictures from Edinburgh, but I have not added any descriptions yet. I hope to do that ASAP.


Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate all the love and support that I receive every day. It really does make being away from home all the more bearable…that and the gorgeous landscapes! haha